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No.6 Solvent-extraction
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Product: Views:175No.6 Solvent-extraction 
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No.6 solvent-extraction
 CAS No.:110-54-3
 Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
 Grade Standard: Agriculture Grade, Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade, Reagent Grade, solvent
 Purity: 99% Min/80%min/60%min/40%min
 Appearance: Bright & clear liquid, clear colorless
 Application: solvent, extract plant oil
 The initial boiling point: 68° C
 Bromine index: 1.72mgBr/100g
 The final boiling point: 70° C
 Sulfur: 0.37ppm
 Specific Gravity: 0.677g/cm3
 Refractive index: 1.37506
 Copper corrosion: 1
 H.S. CODE: 2710113000

Product description:
 The appearance of a colorless transparent liquid, is a mixture of various lower alkanes. The product range is wider than that of  commercial hexane and has similar properties as industrial hexane. It is miscible with most liquid oils other than castor oil to dissolve lower fatty acids.

Product specification:



Test Method


Initial Boiling Point ℃ 



GB/T 6536

Dry Point ℃


Benzene wt%


GB/T 17474

Specific Gravity(20℃)/(kg/m³)


GB/T 1884 和GB/T 1885 SH/T 0604a



GB/T 11136

Saybolt Color


GB/T 3555

Non-volatile content(mg/100ml)


GB/T 3209

Sulfur wt%


SH/T 0253b
SH/T 0689

Mechanical impurities and moisture


Visual c

Cu corrosion(50℃,3h)grade


GB/T 5096

  1. When there is controversy,GB/T 1884 or GB/T 1885 is arbitration method

  2. When there is controversy,SH/T 0253 is arbitration method

  3. Put sample into 100mL glass graduate,observe at indoor temperature(20±5℃).Product shall   be transparent.Suspended matter and sedimentary mechanical impurities are no allowed.

The main purpose:

 6# solvent oil is mainly used for perfumes, vegetable oil extraction solvent, but also for synthetic rubber solvents and precision parts washing solvents.

Product Standards:
 National Standard (GB16629-2008)

Combustion and explosion hazard and toxicity:
 Volatile, flammable, explosive. Inhalation of a large number of acid, which contains a small amount of aromatic and sulfide impurities have greater toxicity. The main route of inhalation is inhalation or  skin contact.

Packaging and storage:
 According to SH0164, when used as vegetable oil extraction solvent, should be special tank, green, car. Do not mix with other oils. Store in a cool and ventilated place, pay attention to fire,  explosion-proof, anti-static.
Product packing 

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